EPOS Solutions For Hotels

Client Detail

Bill and Cath Costley founded Costley & Costley in 1988 and today they are one of the most prestigious hoteliers in Scotland. In 2006 they were awarded the accolade of Scottish Hotel Group of the Year. The company recognises that it is essential to control costs whilst maximising customer satisfaction.

Client: Costley & Costley

Description: Hoteliers

Sector: Hotels

Location: 8 Locations Throughout Ayrshire

Client's Review

Client's Review: ACR Retail Systems were fully aware of our objectives from the outset. As valued suppliers of our business EPOS Solutions they have ensured that the system is an integral part of the team which works with our business goals and adds value.

Project Detail

Date Completed: June 2016

Work Done

Costley & Costley had already identified that the need was for reliable, easy to operate, touch-screen terminals, as it this would provide them with the greatest flexibility and capability during peak times. The hotels would need to be able to have a direct link from the point of sale to the property management system already in use. Both the hotels and the Inns would need to be controlled from head office for price changes and stock taking.

Project conclusion

After evaluating several options, Costley and Costley decided that the most suitable option for their requirements would be to install the Sharp UP-X500 system into their hotels. The system comprises of several UP-X500 networked terminals, with Venta software together with the integration to a Sharpsoft back-office package. The Sharp point of sale terminals communicate seamlessly with the MainStay reservation and billing software. For the Inns division the Sharp UP-X300 system was chosen communicating directly to the SharpSoft software installed at the head office. We worked closely with Costley & Costley Hoteliers and as a result gained a deep understanding of the project requirements.

Since ACR Retail Solutions installed the networked UP-X500 with kitchen printers, a number of benefits have already been seen:
  • The restaurants are able to offer a speedier service
  • All items charged to a room are instantly on the customers bill
  • The installation of the kitchen printers has proved so successful
  • that kitchen printers will be rolled out across all of the
  • restaurants within the group
  • The daily collection of wet & dry data has proved highly
  • beneficial, which means that stock control has greatly improved
  • GP has increased approx. 2-3%
  • The ease of use of the systems has meant that training has
  • been managed with ease
  • The central control means that menu and price changes are
  • made and then downloaded at the time specified

The installation was completed on schedule and more sites can be added with ease as the company expands. To date 3 inns and 5 hotels have had the Sharp system implemented